Nally MegaBin Solid 780L Storage Crate with Mild Steel Tipping Bars

The Nally Mega Bin is designed for fruit and vegetable movement, but would suit most retail environments. Nally MegaBins are up to 40% lighter in weight than wooden bins, and retains a constant weight thanks to its non-absorbent surface. This allows for freight efficiencies of 4-5%. In practice you are able to transport 2-3 extra bins of fruit per semi-trailer load. This Nally Mega Bin comes complete with Mild steel Tipping Bars which allows you to rotate your Megabin. The positive interlocking foot design permits fast and safe stacking in both pallet racking and unit atop of unit.

SKU MegaBin-Solid-780-Mild-Bars
Price $415.00