PRE-ORDER > AE Vented Plastic Crate 42 Litre Yellow

PRE-ORDER > AE Vented Plastic Crate 42 Litre Yellow

AE Vented Plastic Crate 42 Litre in Yellow colour
AE Vented Plastic Crate 42 Litre in Yellow colour
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AE Vented Plastic Crate 42 Litre

  • Agricultural crate manufactured by high density polyethylene (HDPE) injection moulding of first fusion.
  • Compliant to the regulations concerning materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.
  • 100% recyclable, resistant to U.V. and infrared radiation, to high and low temperatures.
  • Designed for making easy storage by packing no. 3 empty crates placed one in another so as to reduce the volume to no. 2 ones only.


  • Outer Dimensions: 540x365x300mm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Volume (litres): 42L

Vented Plastic Crates

Vented plastic crates are used for storage of various goods and for shipping from one location to another. The goods are positioned in a plastic crate, with or without cover, and set or stacked onto a pallet loaded onto a transportation vehicle such as truck or train car and shipped to its destination. Vented & Solid  Plastic Crates provide protection of shipped and stored goods from damage or breakage and simplify the handling of goods.

Vented plastic crates have been available on the market for about 28 years. In recent years, plastic vented crates have gained significant market presence and continues to grow.

Applications of Vented Plastic Crates:

The international trend has switched towards the use of plastic vented crates and they are already in use for storage and shipping in a wide range of industries such as: agriculture, automotive, building and construction, clothing, electronics, food, fruit and vegetables, groceries in supermarket chains, bakeries, dairy, fisheries, freight forwarding, household goods, nurseries, pharmaceuticals, packaging, logistics, rubbers and white goods.

Today, all companies, up and down the supply chain, are demanding lower costs from each of their suppliers as competition increases. Returnable and reusable transport packaging offers not only reduced costs, but also increased efficiencies over most forms of one-way packaging.

Vented plastics crates are used in a wide range of applications. Some items, such as food packaging, become waste only a short time after purchase. The greatest advantage of plastic crates is that they lend themselves to be reused many times over.





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