About MG Plastics

About MG Plastics

The Moreno Family Network was established over 40 years ago within the hospitality and food industry.

Recognised for outstanding quality and service, Moreno has been a household name amongst Australian’s for decades. As the Moreno Global Network began to diversify fifteen years ago, an expansion project took on a whole new direction within the ever growing industry of Plastics, supplying agricultural bins across the whole of Australia. The complete range has made its way from farms to packing sheds, markets and supermarkets, processing and packaging laboratories showcasing fresh produce in all leading retail outlets. Moreno now supplies the largest range of bins across Australia and New Zealand and have secured their reputation for being “The Plastic Bins Specialists”. Offering a bin solution for every application from agriculture and horticulture to fisheries, meat processing, industrial requirements, transport and storage.

Since 1997 MG Plastics division was formed when the Moreno Group expended their products and services to include the supply of Mobile Garbage Bins to the Waste Collection Management Industry. This latest division was consolidated and successfully introduced to the Australian market and Moreno now holds exclusivity in the Oceania region as representative of Jco Plastic SpA - Europe’s Leading Plastic Injection Moulding Company, with the full range of Agricultural and Waste Management, light and heavy industry bins now manufactured in both Australia and Europe.

Moreno are proud to be associated with JCO Plastic SpA, a company that for over 40 years holds a leading position internationally within planning and production of Industrial Plastic Containers. A group with a wealth of experience, radically involved in the global market with the ongoing commitment to Research and Development, placing them at the forefront of the industry, delivering world leading state of the art products.

Welcome to “Moreno Global Plastics” presenting JCO Plastic Bin Solutions, providing you the solution and service to suit your operation.